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Members of the consortium (University College London, Universities of Surrey, Newcastle, Nottingham, Wales and the West of England, and CAPT) are actively collaborating on a number of projects, including:

  • Development of the Injury Observatory for Britain and Ireland (Swansea, UWE and Glasgow with other collaborators)   more ...

  • Keeping Children Safe from accidents at home. The KCS study is a 5-year multicentre collaborative programme of research to prevent home injury in pre-school children, funded by a programme grant from the National Institute for Health Research (Universities of Nottingham and the West of England Bristol, and CAPT)  more ...   

  • The Impact of Injuries Study will explore the longer term consequences of injury including physical, psychological, social and occupational functioning, the costs of injuries and the extent to which patientsí needs are being met using a two-pronged approach.  more ...