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Members of the consortium (University College London, Universities of Surrey, Newcastle, Nottingham, Wales and the West of England, and CAPT) have undertaken several collaborative initiatives that are now complete:

  • The development, running and evaluation of the injury prevention course held in Birmingham each year (Newcastle, UWE and CAPT)

  • The operation of the Health Development Agencyís Evidence and Guidance Collaborating Centre on the Prevention of Accidental Injuries (UWE, Newcastle and CAPT)

  • An international survey in OECD courses of policy and procedure related to Childrenísí Road Traffic Safety (UCL, Surrey and UWE)

  • Assessment of the level of under-reporting and misclassification of road traffic accident casualties for the Department for Transport (UCL, Swansea and Surrey).
    The report on this study is available from the Department for Transportís website as Road Safety Research Report No. 69

  • The evaluation of the Department for Transportís Neighbourhood Road Safety Initiative (UCL, Swansea, Surrey, UWE and CAPT).  more ...

  • Randomised controlled trial to study the effect of advocacy on the introduction of road safety measures (Swansea, Cardiff, Surrey, Nottingham, UWE and CAPT)    more ...

  • Trial of the effectiveness of thermostatic mixing valves to reduce bath water scalds (Nottingham, Swansea, and CAPT)   more ...

  • Study of the burden of injury and the development of a definition of injury severity (Surrey, Swansea, Nottingham, and UWE with overseas collaborators)   more ...

  • Evaluation of the Community Fire Safety Innovation Fund (UWE, Nottingham, UCL and CAPT)   more ...

  • FAST parent programme (Bristol, UWE, Nottingham, Warwick and London)  more ...