Development of the Injury Observatory for Britain and Ireland



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Childhood injury in the UK

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The aim of this project is to develop a thematic observatory to support injury prevention practitioners and initiatives.  The Injury Observatory is hosted on the following website:

Principal Miskin Group contributors

Swansea:  Ronan Lyons, Samantha Turner
West of England:  Elizabeth Towner
Glasgow:   David Stone

Other partners

South West Public Health Observatory:  Julia Verne, Paul Brown, Wendi Slater
North West Public Health Observatory:  Mark Bellis, Karen Hughes
Ireland and Northern Irelandís Public Health Observatory:  Steve Barron, Kevin Balanda
Cardiff University:  Jonathon Shepherd
Scottish Health Statistics (ISD):  Colin Fischbacher


  • Collaborative working across public health observatories and interested individuals and groups
  • Creation of a virtual observatory on the world wide web
  • Contents to include analysis of the scale of the injury problem between countries and regions, a searchable database of systematic reviews of interventions to prevent injuries, a searchable database of strategies and policies which support injury prevention, access to the on-line home safety and hazard assessment tool SafeHome (, and access to other useful tools and practical guidance in setting up and evaluating injury prevention initiatives.

Time frame

January 2008

Funding source

None specifically for IOBI.  The Collaboration for Accident Prevention and Injury Control (CAPIC) receives funding from the Welsh Assembly Government through the Wales Centre for Health.  CAPIC funded the initial development of the IOBI website.