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The Impact of Injuries study is being led by the University of Nottingham (Professor Denise Kendrick, Professor Richard Morriss, Professor Mark Avis, Professor Stephen Joseph, Dr Carol Coupland, Dr Casey Quinn) and collaborators include the Universities of the West of England (Professor Elizabeth Towner), of Loughborough (Dr Andrew Morris, Dr Jo Barnes) and Surrey (Dr Nicola Christie) and the Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust (Mr Frank Coffey). 

The Impact of Injuries Study explores the longer term consequences of injury including physical, psychological, social and occupational functioning, the costs of injuries and the extent to which patients’ needs are being met using a two-pronged approach. This comprises two linked studies (Study A and B) which take complementary approaches to understanding levels of need and how best to design services to meet patients needs. This study is funded for 4 years through the Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Lincolnshire CLAHRC (Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care) and commenced in April 2009.

Study A is a multi-centre longitudinal study, which measures the impact of injuries on people’s well-being and functioning and the costs of treating injuries.

Study B is a qualitative study, which identifies the services used by people following injury, how well these services met their needs and whether and how services might help injured people make a better recovery. 

The findings from these studies quantifies the long term impact of injuries, particularly the contribution of psychological health to recovery and inform the development of NHS services to help injured people make a better recovery.

Papers and reports associated with this study

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Beckett K. An exploration of the relationship between professional wellbeing and caring. A comparative study of nurses and physiotherapists in NHS trauma care. Florence Nightingale Scholars Report 2013/19.