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History of the Miskin Group

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The Miskin Group was formed as a direct result of the report of the Accidental Injury Task Force, which arose from the public health white paper Saving Lives: Our Healthier Nation.  The group was named after the location of its first meeting - Miskin Manor Hotel, near Cardiff - in October 2002.

The meeting was attended by most of the prominent childhood injury prevention researchers in the UK, from University College London, and the Universities of Surrey, Nottingham, Newcastle, Strathclyde, Cardiff and Swansea, with representation from the Child Accident Prevention Trust.  Its purpose was to see whether it was possible to develop a child and adolescent injury prevention research network to overcome the difficulties identified in Task Force report.

The researchers agreed that collaboration was beneficial because

  • the number of prominent injury researchers in the UK is small;

  • their teams are small and consequently the breadth of expertise of each is limited;

  • funding for injury prevention is scarce we all compete;

  • many interventions require huge sample sizes;

  • such an approach could improve the quality and quantity of UK-based research and hasten the adoption of effective interventions.

Subsequently, collaborations have involved the University of the West of England, Bristol, and the University of Leicester.