Advocacy in Action
a mixed methods study incorporating a cluster randomised trial to improve pedestrian safety in deprived areas



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The aim of this project was to develop and test methodologies to engage local elected politicians (councillors) in supporting the implementation of pedestrian safety in deprived areas.

Principal investigators and researchers

Swansea:  Ronan Lyons, Tinnu Sarvotham, Ceri Phillips
Cardiff:  Sarah Jones
West of England:  Elizabeth Towner, Richard Kimberlee, Mariana Brussoni
Nottingham:  Denise Kendrick, Lindsay Groome, Carol Coupland
Surrey:  Nicola Christie, Jude Sleney
Child Accident Prevention Trust:  Michael Hayes


A mixed methods study which included:

  • the development and testing of advocacy materials

  • the identification of electoral wards and divisions with high injury rates to vulnerable pedestrians (children and older people) in deprived areas

  • a cluster randomized controlled trial with provision of information on the location of pedestrian injuries and on effective interventions to the politicians representing the intervention areas, and general information on effective interventions to reduce children’s injuries to politicians representing control areas; and

  • measurement of outcomes which include differences in interest and attitudes to injury preventions, steps and actions taken to reduce injuries, interventions initiated, and ultimately injuries prevented.

Time frame

October 2004 – Mar 2008

Funding source

Department of Health

Papers associated with this study

Lyons RA, Towner E, Christie N, Kendrick D, Jones SJ, Hayes M, Kimberlee R, Sarvotham T, Macey S, Brussoni M, Sleney J, Coupland C, Phillips C. The Advocacy in Action Study: a cluster randomised controlled trial to reduce pedestrian injuries in deprived communities – a protocol. Inj Prev. 2008 Apr;14(2):e1. doi: 10.1136/ip.2007.017632. (Link)

Lyons RA, Kendrick D, Towner EM, Coupland C, Hayes M, Christie N, Kimberlee R, Jones S, Turner S, Brussoni M, Groom L, Macey S, Mulvaney C, Rodgers SE, Sleney J, Smith S, Steward J, Vinogradova Y. The Advocacy in Action Study (AIAS): a randomised controlled trial of an advocacy package directed at elected councillors to improve pedestrian safety in high risk deprived neighbourhoods. Inj Prev 2010:16(Suppl1):A76. (Link)

Rodgers SE, Jones SJ, Macey S, Lyons RA.  Using GIS to assess the equitable distribution of traffic calming measures. Inj Prev 2010;16 7-11.  doi:10.1136/ip.2009.022426.  (Link)

Lyons RA, Kendrick D, Towner EM, Coupland C, Hayes M, Christie N, Sleney J, Jones S, Kimberlee R, Rodgers SE, Turner S, Brussoni M, Vinogradova Y, Sarvotham T, Macey S.  The advocacy for pedestrian safety study: cluster randomised trial evaluating a political advocacy approach to reduce pedestrian injuries in deprived communities.  PLoS One. 2013;8(4):e60158. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0060158.